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A dedicated companion
through every moment of your labor

My unwavering commitment is to keep you (and your partner) as comfortable as possible while you give birth to your child.

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Valentina Constenla Kasat,

Certified Birth Doula

Hi! My name is Valentina and I work as a doula because I feel a strong motivation for taking care of people while they go through labor.

I believe childbirth is the most physiologically demanding short term change a human body can experience. The process can be intense, surprising and challenging; most certainly it’s immensely meaningful for a person’s life and a family’s history. It requires lots of energy!


It is the calling of my heart to share, enhance and protect such precious energy.

Birth Doula Support in a nutshell

Get to know you and your preferences, explore what makes you comfortable and unequivocally respond to your calling are essential to what I do.

Quality information

Physical comfort measures

Emotional support

Pre and post partum visits

24/7 availability from week 37

Expecting Couple
Holding Hands

What my clients have said

“She provided great mental support, particularly when the midwife was not home yet. She was very quiet when it was needed which helped me to focus on my meditation.”

L & T

“During the birth Valentina was very focused, active, patient, with a wide vision about the priorities that must be done at the right moment.”

Cristina & Florin

Thank you very much for your availability, your guidance and your kindness in our journey to become four!

Anna & Valerio

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How to get in touch

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Serving families in

Maastricht, Netherlands

By phone

+ 31 6 25367813

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