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Valentina Constenla Kasat,

Birth Doula

I was born in Santiago, Chile, 35 years ago. Today I’m a doula in training based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


I'm part of a big family who loved me, sent me to university and then waved a warm goodbye when I decided to live the millennial dream of a nomad life. After spending 4 years travelling “the other side” of the world I arrived in the Netherlands, allured by the prospect of working as a sailor on an historical sailing ship. 


Once the pandemic hit the world I was forced to face long time avoided questions. “What are you to do with your life?” “How would you like to live your days?” “Can you accomplish the dream of 'not having to work a single day of your life'?” No career I knew had yet lit my fuse. I’ve been hoping for a cinematic moment: “Aha! This is it. This will keep me constantly motivated, growing throughout the years, excited over the decades”, but I had long given up that quest. Traveling was enough fun for a lifetime.


Then, I experienced magic. The day after I was on my knees under a full moon, begging to the universe/sky/goddesses to provide the answers, the doula path unfolded before me. A doula. I was to become a doula.


To celebrate life, honor sorority and nourish the decision-making process that expecting parents will face in the last months of pregnancy 


Parenting is a corageous task and pregnancy & birth are freaking epic accomplishments.

Every person that's pregnant is a fertility goddess who deserves the most high quality standard of care, attention, empathy, compassion and support

These are my mentors


BiA Doula Training

Foundation Course

September 2020

Advanced Course

February/June 2021

Certification in progress


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 Continuous, unbiased, non judgemental and tailored support for your labor 

In order to support expecting parents I bring along with me into the birth room 4 'things': my attitude, the information that I can provide, the comfort measures & the attempt to encourage and facilitate communication between everyone present or involved. I wanted to materialize this idea, so I made a bubble hanger to be able to visualize my contribution as a doula. The end result can be seen in the following image.


The order of the bubbles is not fortuit, as each subsequent bubble requires to be performed under the umbrella of the former(s) to be delivered according to my standard of care. Also, the amount of people involved in each level grows as we move along the bubbles: it goes from most autonomous (the attitude) to most collaborative (the attempt to help people communicating). 


To start, I’m the sovereign of my own attitude in the birth room. It’s only up to me to create it, maintain it and beam it.  Secondly, if I want to share information about what’s happening or what to expect, I require someone else willing to hear what I say. Later, for a physical comfort measure to take place I need the expecting parents to agree and engage with the activity. Finally, facilitating communication can happen when people are willing to hear & speak to each other.

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